“I purchased a Spanky at Steamboat and it completely changed my skiing experience! I don’t understand why every resort wouldn’t want to carry your product. It is awkward and challenging to look at a traditional paper trail map while on the slopes, so most of the time I don’t even bother, and then end up getting lost or, worse, on a steep mogul trail that is way above my skill level…You guys rock!”
– V.
"When I was using it for 1st time in the hot sun of après ski at Tremblant last weekend, I had 10 people oohing and aahing over it and cleaned about 20 pairs of glasses from those standing around me and directing them to the shop in the village square – a huge hit!!"
– Andrew L.
"I recently started wearing glasses and I was given all kinds of sprays and products to keep them clean and clear. I have to tell you a dry “Spanky” in the best thing I have used. It is an outstanding product."
– Thomas Bean
"My mom and dad have them in the cars and in her purse. My wife has the same. We have a couple on the boat and I have them in all my gear bags for flats and offshore fishing and hunting. Just back from Jackson Hole, with another Spanky."
– Matt Gaston
"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed having The Spanky in our shop this year. It has been a huge success for us here in Vail. It is a fantastic product and the word is definitely getting out about it. It has far and away been the top performer of all the Vail logo items that we carry."
– John O.
"I have become a collector!…Some day when I can’t ski anymore I will have someone make a quilt with all of them, so I can just ride up and down the lift and watch others have fun."
– Joseph
"I should have guessed that a company with a product as cool as yours would have customer service to match!"
– Eric K.
"I was laughing yesterday when the guy in front of me in the lift line was trying to wipe his goggles with the wet cleanex they provide (it was snowing hard)…thank God for the Spanky! It beats wiping your goggles with a wet napkin left in your pocket from lunch."
– Andrew Shipman
"You are terrific! Thanks so much. My understanding is that your company is in Jackson Hole (great place!). I was there last Christmas and bought a “JH” Spanky. It was really effective. It is such a clever product with the trail map — and a great picture too!"
– Sarah R.
"Outstanding service! Thanks to your extra kind “Priority” shipping, the Sun Valley “Spanky” arrived in time for the birthday party! I should have ordered it sooner, but didn’t think of this great idea for a gift until the last minute. It was hilarious — we gave him a “birthday Spanky!” My friend loves skiing Sun Valley and this brought great memories."
– S. Rosch
Trumbull, CT
"Would also love to get some of these for my eye glasses in a smaller size? Do u carry those. I have one spanky and love it. Works wonderfully to clean my iPad as well as goggles. Nothing even competes with it to clean the iPad!!”"
– Gabrielle
Louisville, CO