Spanky Sports, inc., owned and operated by snowsports enthusiasts, is located in Jackson Hole, WY. The adventure began when Shawn Patrick Cooper rode the Red Lady Chair in Crested Butte, CO, on a windy, snowy day. Shawn struggled to read his torn paper map, fold it in time to exit the lift, while using disintegrating tissues to clean his goggles. Shawn wondered why he couldn’t just clean his goggles with his map. It was in this moment of frustration that the Spanky was born. Thanks to this “aha moment,” the Spanky micro fiber lens cloth trail map can now be found in more than 100 ski resorts around the world! The Spanky has expanded beyond the ski community and is now available to hikers, bikers, marathon runners, snowmobilers, and other active recreational communities.


The Spanky team is powered by Operations Director, Savannah Blake Cooper, graphic artist genius, Scott Ackley, and other valuable team members. At Spanky Sports, we love what we do. Our high quality Spanky product, company values, and customer service reflect this passion for our work. Spanky Sports is dedicated to high quality, functional products and minimal impact on the earth. We continue to strive to create awesome “green” products that help people easily navigate their playgrounds and see their path by keeping lenses and screens clean and clear.


Spanky the world!